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Our pricing is all-inclusive, which means:
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Simple PAYG pricing
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Stripe fees included
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No subscriptions or hidden fees
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Pay only when you collect online
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Record cash, cheques and BACS payments for free
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Unlimited members, invoices, reminders, managers
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Free technical support
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Portable - leave with your data at any time
Introductory offer - try Payzip and collect your first £100 by card/mobile and pay no fees!
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Try it: Collect your first £100 by card/mobile payment without any fees.
Risk-free: No credit card required. No setup fees. No subscription.
Trusted by organisations including
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Photo of Patrick Steed from Technicolour Choirs
“Just wanted to say I LOVE the "next payout" and the "payments still processing" info on the Payzip dashboard. Massively useful to have this information close at hand. I love how easy it is to see who has recently paid too!
Patrick Steed, Musical Director, Technicolour Choirs
Just wanted to say I LOVE the 'next payout' and 'processing' payments info on the dashboard. Massively useful to have this information close to hand. I love how easy it is to see who has recently paid on the payments tab too!
Patrick Steed
Musical Director, Technicolour Choirs
Payzip has revolutionised the way we collect payments. We've gone from thinking we've collected around 80% of payments to knowing we've collected 100%.
Simon Thomas
Treasurer, Cowbridge AFC

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a financial expert. Do I need to be to use Payzip?
Definitely not - Payzip is built for people like you. Our focus is on simplicity so that you can get your payments sorted and get on with something else. We've designed our invoice creation process to be so intuitive that anyone can use it.
I am a financial expert. What will I like about Payzip?
The single weekly payout to your club's bank account and the full remittance report that accompanies it makes reconciliation quick and simple, freeing-up your time. If you use an accounting platform like QuickBooks or Xero for other parts of the club, you'll love being able to filter and export any table data out to a CSV file.
How long will it take to setup?
If you've got your existing member lists in Excel or CSV, you can import them in just a few seconds - and even automatically put them into groups if that information is in the file. If not, you can use our simple member entry form to add multiple members at once. Payzip only needs the name of the member and the email address of the person paying the invoice - that's it!
Do we have to use online payments?
Not at all. If you want, you can simply use Payzip as a ledger for manually-collected payments. However, you're missing out on the largest time-saving and convenience feature. We typically see clubs start with a 50/50 split between card/mobile payments and manual payments, with a shift soon after to the convenience of paying online, once other members report the positive experience. Treasurers and secretaries value the time this frees-up for them, as the payment processing and receipt is handled for them.
How do we get our money?
We payout weekly to clubs. All cleared card transactions are grouped, we deduct the service fee for these, then issue a single payment to the club with a unique reference number. We then create a report in Payzip for that payout, so you can see exactly what member payments are in each one.
We already use another system at the club. Do we have to change how we do things?
Let’s be honest, other club management solutions exist. But here’s the difference - Payzip is a dedicated club payment solution. Some platforms manage your website, or arrange fixtures, or help with team communication - and good luck to them. They might offer to collect payments, but very much as a secondary feature. Payzip is only a payments management system and our relentless focus on that delivers a simple, slick payments system that treasurers, secretaries and their members love.

If another system still provides some value to your club, keep using it - just enjoy an upgrade to your payments process with Payzip.

Because Payzip is pay-as-you-go, you only pay when you collect a payment online. No ongoing or hidden costs, no complex monthly plans or subscriptions, no fuss.

Why not start by trying it with a small group of members and see if it works for you?
Is it hard to get started?
It's really easy. After signup, we'll help you through importing or adding your members, sending your first invoice, receiving your first card or mobile payment, and getting your first Payzip payout. You can show this information at any time.
Do we have to update or maintain anything?
No, because Payzip operates entirely online through your browser, there's nothing to install. You're always using the latest version automatically. All we ask is that you use a reasonably modern browser, from the past year or two, but that can be Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, or anything else you fancy.
Is our data safe?
Absolutely. All payments are securely processed by Stripe, a world leader in online payment processing. Our team, website and systems are all exclusively located in the UK.
How much of my time will it take?
Sending an invoice can be done in a minute if you've got the details to-hand. Automatic reminders chase overdue payments for you. Sending manual reminders is a couple of clicks. Your weekly admin could just be a few minutes, though we totally understand if you want to log in more often and see how those dashboard figures are doing!
What about data portability?
With Payzip, your data is your data. You can export any onscreen table information whenever you want, including members, invoices, payments and payouts.
Can I trust Payzip?
Payzip has been trading since 2013. We work with governing bodies like South Wales Football Association, and Hockey Wales, as well as with individual clubs. Card payment processing is handled by Stripe - Payzip never sees any payment or bank account information. Payzip is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).
My committee approves things like this - what do they need to know?
We've been trading since 2013. We've helped clubs collect over £6m from their members. It's purely PAYG - there are no upfront costs, setup fees, minimum use periods or subscriptions. For card and mobile payments only, there is a per-transaction fee of 4.95% + £0.35, and that's all-in, including Stripe's processing fees. You can add as many members, groups, administrators and invoices as you like - no additional charges.

Payzip saves treasurers and secretaries valuable time, whilst providing modern benefits like card and mobile payments to members.

Get the Committee Pack below which has the essential information you need in a downloadable PDF.

Is it a committee decision?

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