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Payzip is a modern, member payments system built for club treasurers and secretaries.

Join our affiliate programme and earn 10% of the service fee every time their members pay by card.
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Here's the deal

Our programme is designed for individuals, leagues and governing bodies - in fact, anyone who works with UK sports and other amateur clubs.

Refer a club to Payzip, and every time a member pays their club by card, we'll pay you commission. It's as simple as that. The amount you can earn is uncapped, so the more clubs you refer, and the more members they have, the more you can earn!

It's also a great way of fundraising or offsetting costs for your club, body or organisation, year-on-year.

Why Payzip is good for clubs

Payzip saves club organisers valuable time on their payments admin. They can quickly create and customise invoices, track completed and overdue payments, and enjoy automated payment reminders - no more awkward conversations.

Payzip allows clubs to receive card payments without needing a payment terminal, and lets members pay from home (or anywhere else). They can also record cash, cheque, and Bacs payments for free.

Why club members love Payzip

Whether it’s once a month or once a year, members want to pay their club as quickly and easily as possible. With Payzip they can use Apple Pay / Google Pay, credit or debit cards (affiliates earn commission on these), and cash, cheque or Bacs if their club accepts them.
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Who can be an affiliate?

Almost anyone, but our programme is a great match for:
  • individuals with an existing audience and channel(s)
  • umbrella organisations, like sports leagues or governing bodies
  • travel and tour companies
  • sector influencers like sports bloggers and journalists
  • individual clubs or groups who others look to for guidance and best practice

How this can benefit your organisation

Use your Payzip affiliate commission to contribute to:
  • grassroots schemes
  • hardship funds
  • charitable donations
  • reducing trips and tour costs for everyone
  • new kit and equipment
...or anything else that helps you do what you do.

Promotional Strategies

You can promote Payzip virtually any way you want. The more channels you can use, the more successful you can be. Here are some ideas:
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Social media posts
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Social media profiles / bios
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YouTube channels
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Email newsletters
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Email footers
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the commission?
It's 10% of the percentage part of our service fee, net of VAT.
Does it cost anything to join the affiliate programme?
No, it's free to join.
How does the affiliate programme work?
You share your custom signup link with your audience. When clubs sign up using your Payzip link, we'll pay you commission on every card or mobile payment the club receives, for as long as the club uses Payzip. Your Payzip commission is uncapped - there's no upper limit on the amount you can earn, so the more active clubs you introduce, the more recurring passive income you can earn.
The 90-day cookie window
Your custom referral link uses a tracking cookie, meaning clubs have 90 days from the moment they click it to sign up with Payzip in order for you to get the credit (and commission!).
How do I get paid?
We'll pay you weekly in a single payment to your bank account. This payout includes your commission for all cleared card payments that week. All payouts are subject to a £10 minimum balance.
Can I see how I’m doing?
Yes, every affiliate gets their own dashboard, which lists each club they have introduced to Payzip, and payments for that club which have attracted commission.
Does referring a club cost them anything extra?
No, the affiliate commission is deducted from the service fee which Payzip receives. The service fee that the club pays per transaction is the same as if they sign-up with Payzip directly.
What information do you need?
We need to know who you are, how you intend to promote Payzip, and you will need to connect your bank account with Stripe (via Payzip), so that we can make commission payments to your UK bank account.
What are the terms & conditions?
They're pretty straightforward, nothing too onerous. You can read them on our Affiliate Terms & Conditions page.
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