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Simple member payment software for club treasurers and secretaries

Minimise your admin time and grow your club's revenue. Collect every single member payment owed online.
Whatever type of club you run, Payzip helps you get your head out of the books and back into the game.
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Risk-free: no credit card required, no setup fees, no ongoing subscription
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Collect payments from members without being an accounting expert!

Frustrated when collecting money for your club?
Spending too much of your own time sorting out payments?
Tired of having to chase people for money they owe?
We feel your pain!
At Payzip, we understand how frustrating, time-consuming and awkward it can be to collect money from your club members.
That’s why since 2013 we’ve helped hundreds of people simplify the way they collect member payments - helping them get paid sooner, and save time doing it.
Collect club member payments online - fast!

With Payzip you can:

  • Request money from your members in minutes
  • Eliminate your risk of missing any member payments
  • Save time when chasing late payers
  • Collect your club payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, card, (and cash, cheque and Bacs, if you want to)
  • Instantly see who's paid and who owes what

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A photo of Simon Thomas from Cowbridge AFC
“Payzip has revolutionised collecting member payments at our club. Thanks to card and mobile payments, we no longer have the hassle or cost of banking cash and cheques - and now we know we're collecting 100% of our fees.
Simon Thomas, Treasurer, Cowbridge Town AFC
Start collecting now
Collect your first £100 by card/mobile payment without any fees - try it today!
Risk-free: No credit card required. No setup fees. No subscription.

Payzip helps you...

See what's going on - instantly

Your dashboard shows key financial figures and anything that needs your attention, like overdue invoices.

Collect 100% of your payments

Ditch the spreadsheets and stop guessing! Confidently track and collect every member payment due.

Automatic reminders chase anyone who owes money - no more awkward conversations!

Reduce weekly admin time to minutes

Easily invoice all of your members, a group, or an individual.

Card/mobile payments are grouped into one simple weekly payout to the club (full breakdown of payments provided). Forget matching payments up manually - Payzip makes reconciliation a breeze.

Filter and export data from any onscreen table for use in other programs.

Accept mobile and card payments

Let members pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay, credit or debit card, with invoice balances updated automatically. Convenient for them, time-saving for you.

You can record Bacs, cheque, or cash payments too, and no matter how members pay, every payment gets an automatic email receipt.
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Just wanted to say I LOVE the 'next payout' and 'processing' payments info on the dashboard. Massively useful to have this information close to hand. I love how easy it is to see who has recently paid on the payments tab too!
Patrick Steed
Musical Director, Technicolour Choirs
Payzip has revolutionised the way we collect payments. We've gone from thinking we've collected around 80% of payments to knowing we've collected 100%.
Simon Thomas
Treasurer, Cowbridge AFC
A photo of Simon Thomas from Cowbridge AFC
“We are grateful for the continuing support you and the lads provide to us. Payzip is a considerable improvement in terms of modernisation and ease of operation over how we were working before.

My favourite feature is being able to see invoice activity, including exactly when it was viewed - putting an end to claims of “we never received it” and paying us sooner as a result.”
Dave Snook, Assistant Discipline Secretary, South Wales Football Association

How does it work?
Two ways you can collect money online:

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Request money from your members with a given due date. Payzip tracks online payments for you and sends automatic unpaid invoice reminders just before and after the due date.

You can exclude members from receiving reminders and make private admin notes on any invoice.
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Pings are for those times when you don't know exactly who should pay. For example, ordering team kit, collecting tour deposits, or summer camp payments.

Just distribute the Ping link to your club, then members opt-in by responding and paying, with everything collected for you automatically - easy!

You can also control the total quantity available, any limit per member, and the closing date - and relax while Payzip manages it for you.
Try it out - collect your first £100 for free
No fees on your first £100 collected via card/mobile payments.
Risk-free: No credit card required. No setup fees. No subscription.
Photo of Patrick Steed from Technicolour Choirs
“Just wanted to say I LOVE the "next payout" and the "payments still processing" info on the Payzip dashboard. Massively useful to have this information close at hand. I love how easy it is to see who has recently paid too!
Patrick Steed, Musical Director, Technicolour Choirs

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