The easy way to manage payments.

If you run a community based club, PayZip is an easy way to manage payments. Sports clubs, choirs, societies, scouts, not-for-profits, amateur dramatics and everything in-between. No matter who your club is for, PayZip is for you. Oh, and it’s free.

Gather - PayZip


Gather email addresses of club members, or simply add them from your existing spreadsheet using our import function.

Create - PayZip


Create an invoice and choose recipients. Invoices are emailed directly to your members’ inboxes at the touch of a button.

Invoice - PayZip


Your members will receive the invoice via email, along with details of what they owe and when they need to make payment by.

Record - PayZip


Record each payment when you receive them. Members will receive an automatic receipt via email when marked as paid.

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PayZip allows people who run community clubs to easily manage payments made to them by cash, cheque or via online banking. We take the hassle out of club finance so you can focus on all the other things you need to do but you can use the reporting tools to stay in control of your club’s finances.

Still not convinced?

PayZip reduces the amount of paperwork you do and payments can be managed on almost all devices.

If you’re in the office, at a club meeting, training, rehearsing or sat in your favourite coffee shop, you can manage payments whenever and wherever you like.

The reporting tool means you can keep on top of your club’s finances easily, whilst we do all the chasing and hard work for you.

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"PayZip has really simplified our club collections, it's very easy to use and has freed up so much more time than before."

− Nicola H, Treasurer, Junior Belfast Giants

"Running multiple clubs means that I have to update numerous spreadsheets to track member payments. Not anymore."

− Abbie G, Office Manager, Cardiff Athletic Club